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Community Action Works

Action needed to help victims of toxic water contamination

Neighbors across New Hampshire have been drinking poisoned water.

Now, Governor Sununu is considering signing a bill that would get our neighbors access to medical monitoring—which is the best chance we have at protecting poisoned families’ health.

Send a letter to Governor Sununu urging him to sign this bill into law and protect our neighbors’ health.

When ‘forever’ chemicals known as PFAS were discovered in cities and towns like Portsmouth and Merrimack, NH, most families didn’t even know what these chemicals were.

PFAS are linked to cancer, kidney disease and other serious health problems. Even though community leaders fought for—and in many cases, won—clean drinking water, the health impacts from drinking poisoned water remain.

So now we’re calling to protect our neighbors’ health as best we can, and that means being proactive in early detection and identification of PFAS-related health problems. The medical monitoring bill on the governor’s desk would do that.

This bill (HB 1375) allows victims of toxic PFAS exposure—and other contamination—to bring a legal claim for the early detection of disease, requiring the polluters to pay for medical testing instead of placing the burden on the people who have been poisoned.

Protect the families and communities who have been poisoned with PFAS-contaminated drinking water by calling on Governor Sununu to pass the medical monitoring bill today.

As we do more testing, we’re going to find more PFAS. We need to make sure we’re prepared as best we can to protect the people who have been most at risk from this toxic threat.

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