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Community Action Works

3 reasons why you can’t miss Local Environmental Action

Not registered for Local Environmental Action yet? There are three reasons you should change that today.

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At Local Environmental Action, you’ll learn about the most pressing issues in our movement today and get the organizing skills you need to make change. Learn about the connections between climate and migration, how small towns are taking on big landfills and incinerators, and how to make anti-racism a central part of your campaign. Or, learn hard skills like how to write a resolution, manage challenging group dynamics, and leverage digital organizing to make your work even more effective.


With hundreds of activists from across the region all coming together for one day, you’re bound to find someone who’s working on the same things you are. Whether that’s passing a resolution to ban pesticides in your town or pushing a polluting landfill to clean up their mess, there’s someone else working on it—and you should meet!

Be inspired.

We’re thrilled to have Sandra Steingraber, biologist, award-winning author, and cancer survivor, speaking at Local Environmental Action! Sandra Steingraber writes about climate change, ecology, and the links between human health and the environment, calling us to political action. She is a co-founder of New Yorkers Against Fracking, a statewide coalition of more than 280 grassroots organizations, and the author of the highly acclaimed book Living Downstream: An Ecologist’s Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment, the first to bring together data on toxic releases with data from U.S. cancer registries.

Local Environmental Action is just a couple weeks away. Register today to save your spot.

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