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Community Action Works

Our 2021 Annual Report is Here

Check out all that you’ve accomplished in our 2021 Annual Report.

A note from Johanna Neumann, Board Member of Community action works:

As a Board Member of Community Action Works for more than a decade and former community organizer with the organization, I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share with you some of our top highlights from the year featured in the attached annual report.

With your support in 2021, we continued to help communities fight new fracked gas pipelines and transition away from polluting fossil fuels toward 100% renewable energy. We also ramped up a regional effort to close New England’s remaining landfills and move towards zero waste, grew the grassroots movement against toxic pesticide spraying, and expanded a national coalition fighting for clean drinking water in the face of the PFAS contamination crisis. I’m inspired by the work community leaders continue to undertake on a daily basis to fight the environmental threats in their communities. Dozens of local community activists are working for a cleaner, healthier future aided by the training and support that Community Action Works provides for them.

By way of other updates, as you may know, Sylvia Broude’s last day at Community Action Works was at the end of June, as planned for some time. While we continue our search for a new Executive Director, members of the Board of Directors, like me, who care deeply about the mission of Community Action Works are spending more of our time supporting the work of the organization. Additionally, Leigh-Anne Cole is serving as the Interim Director during our search. Leigh-Anne has two decades of experience in organizing, fundraising and staff development and I’ve worked alongside her for almost 20 years. I know she will do an outstanding job working with our staff, community organizers, and local leaders against environmental threats.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or 413.367.4794 or Leigh-Anne at or 617.721.2858.  

In gratitude,
Johanna Neumann

Board Member, Community Action Works


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